Galileo Learning Colorado

Camp Galileo: An incredible STEAM/Innovation Camp

Angela Peluse


Bill Roberts Elementary: 2100 N Akron Way, Denver, CO 8023

Galileo Innovation Camps for Pre-K – 5th Graders:
Galileo engages every kid with hands-on projects that teach design-thinking and problem-solving skills, all wrapped up in big summer fun. Our energetic, inclusive staff and world-class curriculum make for a summer kids love.

Every day, campers craft extraordinary works of art, engineer incredible inventions and have a blast playing outside. Each thoughtfully designed activity is custom-built for their grade and organized around an engaging weekly theme:

  • Toy Makers Workshop: Embrace your inner toymaker with an array of playful projects.
  • National Parks Adventure: Explore America’s most spectacular spaces on a journey into the wild.
  • Galileo Olympic Games: Go for the gold in a triumphant Olympic adventure.