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Gate of Hope Acupuncture


Terry Treece


1252 Rosemary St, Denver, CO 80220

The Body, the Mind, and the Spirit are intimately and inextricably linked. If a person is ill, you can’t just treat the body and expect results. We must treat the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit as a whole, and when you do this, people can reach a fuller and deeper sense of health and well being.

I practice Five-Element Acupuncture.
While many acupuncturists and medical practitioners today treat the symptoms a person comes in with, Five-Element practitioners treat the whole person who is coming in with the symptoms. When you treat the whole person at the cause of their disease, at the very root, many other ailments of the body, the mind, and the spirit are also alleviated in addition to a person’s main complaints. The difference is a world apart. A person who experiences Five-Element Acupuncture is often filled with a feeling of overall well being, less stress, better sleep, and many other benefits.

​Five-Element Acupuncture was brought to this country by Dr. J.R. Worsley, an English osteopathic doctor, in the mid 1900’s. The roots of this style of acupuncture come from the Han Dynasty, when the ancient Chinese doctors emphasized the strong connection between the whole of Nature, the Five Elements, and human health. This is acupuncture before the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Just as Nature has its ebbs and flows, so does the human experience and human health. Through Five-Element Acupuncture, I can help clients to find balance within the ups and downs, and help guide clients toward a more balanced and full experience of life. One essential way that it does this is by treating the core of a person, not just the symptoms they are presenting. Five-Element Acupuncture gives us each a new strength and empowers us to face what life presents.

​I want to be a partner in your health goals.
I will ensure that you and everyone who comes to me for help knows what to expect, feels comfortable and welcome.

If Five-Element Acupuncture sounds like a good fit for you…
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