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CPBA egg hunt boothFamilies welcome! Candy and eggs provided.

WHEN: March 30 from 10am-12pm

WHERE: Uplands Park (north of Northfield Blvd, between Xenia St & Yosemite St) in Conservatory Green — this is the green area east of Northfield Vet, Aces, and Clair Dentistry. Members who sign up will get an exact booth location before the event.


WHAT: Join the fun at the Conservatory Green’s Egg Hunt!
The CPBA has purchased a table for CPBA members to use to promote their businesses. You can have a raffle, give out promotional items, or simply chat with parents while kids grab their eggs. This event is an amazing opportunity to showcase your business and talk with parents.

GIVEAWAYS: Please provide a giveaway (coupons, promos, gifts, books, etc.) to go in our CPBA basket that people can guess the number of jelly beans and then win a prize of items provided by CPBA members. Questions: reach out to Marissa Ross, marissa@smandrealty.com


WHO: We plan for about 400-600 kids a year and stuff about 9000 eggs. This is happening close to Easter this year, so we anticipate even higher numbers.
There are only 15 total tables at this event (see graphic of featured businesses). Each table has eggs out in front (provided) that kids come and collect. They get a sticker/stamp from each table for their scorecard.

There are take-back boxes for empty eggs. Recycling our eggs cuts down substantially on cost, so dropping them before you leave is very much appreciated!


Guidelines for the CPBA Booth

  • We kindly ask that you must be in attendance to pass out your goodies. And please make sure you take your own materials when you leave.
  • Please no signage (table, tent, or ground signs). Unfortunately the table and tent space is just not big enough for everyone to bring signs.
  • Limit your attendance in the booth to a max of 2 employees per member business. (Again, sizing is limited.)
  • We are there under the emphasis of the CPBA with the added benefit to advertise your own company via flyers, brochures, coupons, giveaways, and goodies, so please make sure to pass out material for both.

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