Project Description

Fit Learning

Fit Learning

Academic Intervention

Sarah Howard


The Fit Learning Mission is to transform the learning abilities of all children who walk through our doors such that they achieve greatness in their communities and beyond. Fit Learning provides intensive one-on-one instruction in core academic skills using Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction during gamified and really fun sessions where kids earn points and prizes for improving on their previous performance. The three main programs are: Fit Reading, Fit Math, and Fit Logic. We also have programs for Writing, Homeschool support, and Lil’ Fits with is a pre-K – 1st grade learning to learn program. Fit Learning enrollments start with a comprehensive assessment of the learner’s skills and then the program is designed to fill in the gaps in the child’s skills. All of our programs use a multi-modal approach that greatly improves visual and auditory processing speed, working memory, executive functioning, confidence, and perseverance.