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Anchor Center for Blind Children

Dedicated to providing early intervention, education, therapy and vision care for Colorado’s blind and visually impaired children. Non-profit.
Anchor Center for Blind Children

Anchor Center for Blind Children is a nationally recognized leader in teaching children with vision, cortical visual, dual sensory (vision and hearing), and co-occurring disabilities during their most formative years of development – birth to age five. Located in Denver since 1982, we are the only pediatric blindness organization in Colorado – and one of just a handful in the U.S. – that offers the full range of center-based, home visitation, and virtual/hybrid services specializing in:

  • Early intervention, special education, and therapy (physical, occupational, speech-language, horticultural, and music therapies);
  • Family coaching and support;
  • Vision screening, care, and assessment; and
  • Groundbreaking research4

Anchor Center’s exceptional programs are tailored to the needs and strengths of the more than 400 children and family members we serve each year. Most children with visual impairments also have serious, co-occurring health conditions and disabilities, which necessitates an adept, individualized, and strengths-based approach to each child’s education and therapy. Our young students receive nearly 1:1 care and instruction by leading experts in pediatric blindness, childhood development, early intervention, special education, and family support.

Notably, we are also leading the way in programming and innovative research and interventions for children with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) – a brain-based neurological condition affecting the brain’s ability to accurately interpret visual stimuli, and the leading individual cause of blindness among children living in both low-income and developed countries.

Fundraising is critical to our existence, as very little of our revenue comes from earned income or government sources. Anchor Center is over 95% privately funded through donations, grants and special events to support a $3 million operating budget. Donations can be made at

To learn more about our unparalleled services for pediatric visual impairment visit

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